My Story

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My personal healing journey began after going through a difficult divorce, an accident that took me out of work for a year and then another injury that forced me to shift careers. Sometimes it takes catastrophic events for us to look within and heal. This was the catalyst that brought me to a deeper realization that I wasn't on the right path for my life. I saw all the red flags but I didn't have the trust in myself and I couldn't tell if it was my fear or intuition so chose to ignore them.

I made a conscious decision to dive deep within and heal my past trauma that had kept me in a pattern of beliefs that were keeping me stuck in unhealthy relationships, lack mentality and self sabotaging and abandoning behaviors. As a result a deep transformation occurred and my life completely shifted.



My Mission

To inspire a positive change in YOU

To help you do what makes you happy

To overcome obstacles & create more possibilities

Live life on your terms

Inspire the extraordinary in you

To see you THRIVING (even more)


Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy - Newington, CT 2016

Reiki Master Practitioner 2011

Certified Life Coach 2019

EFT/TFT Master Practitioner 2019

Relationship Coaching Certification 2020

Bach Flower Practitioner Diploma 2021