How I Broke Free......

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

How I finally broke free from my Eight of Swords mental reality. What do I mean by this? In the Tarot the Eight of Swords represents feeling trapped, negative thoughts and self imposed restriction not being able to move forward. At first glance she is bound and trapped surrounded by swords and blindfolded. Looking closer you see the cloth wrap is loose and there is an opening in between the swords. She could easily set herself free.

During and after my divorce I looked to the tarot for guidance and I continue to do so today. It's been 5 years since my divorce and it has been a long journey of healing. Up until a few months ago I kept getting the Eight of Swords in my readings. I had done so much work on myself, healing my childhood wounds and the trauma I experienced during my marriage and divorce. Even though I was doing all the work and healing, which is always a process because life will always bring us opportunities to choose the same path or choose differently. I couldn't get free, I had this anxiety and fear that kept me stuck, kept me in a pattern of lack, keeping me from moving forward in my life and rising up to a new level of who I wanted to be. So how did I break free? Awareness. Awareness is power. I challenged every thought that came into my awareness. I kept challenging everything that I felt and thought. I journaled everyday. I wrote down every stream of consciousness that came to my mind. I just let it flow. I did this every day for a month and an amazing thing happened. I heard my underlying story that was keeping me stuck. What I realized at that moment that it wasn't even my story. It was a story that was projected onto me and as a highly sensitive empath I took it on. It was at that moment I became free. Those stories still come up but they no longer have the emotional hold on me that they once did. I can hear those thoughts and thank them for their advice but I'm no longer interested in what they have to say.

Is there an area where you are stuck? Are you repeating the same patterns and behaviors and not sure how to move past them? Do you attract the same type of partner but are unsure of how to choose differently?

Work with me through my One on One Coaching Sessions and we can free you from your Eight of Swords mental reality where we dive into childhood conditioning, survival mechanisms, emotional wounding and we build from the ground up new foundations, self confidence and tap into your true authentic self so you create the life you want.

I also want to mention I have a new Eight Week Course - Transforming Emotional Blocks. You will receive my new Transforming Emotional Blocks Healing through the Chakras and one on one private sessions with me to work through the blocks that are coming up for you and at the end of the 7 weeks going through the chakras we create a plan how to bring this into real life.

Love & Light


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