When lightning strikes.....

Sometimes it takes a lightning strike to see how far you've come. I wanted to share an interesting story and revelation I had this past week.

When we start the healing process our life changes inside and out. I learned this about 10 years ago when I started my path of becoming an Energy Healer I took a course in Polarity Therapy. Polarity Therapy balances the yin/yang aspects within us through the elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth by releasing unprocessed emotions held within the body in these elements. The first element we started working with was Ether which is in the Throat Chakra. When you start to work with an element or chakra whatever is unprocessed will be released. The throat area has to do with communication, grief, sadness, listening as well as speaking and the physical symptoms of sore throat, teeth issues, TMJ and Thyroid issues etc. The day we started working with this area I lost my phone. (communication) The crazy part was I lost it within my own house. My son had been playing on it and he put it down on the table and came upstairs. When I went to go get it, it was gone. I searched for days looking for the phone but it was gone. What got released emotionally was so much grief! I couldn't believe how upset I had gotten over losing my phone, but it wasn't just the communication as it was the grief of losing all the photos and videos I had of my son. I went into a fully blown grieving process.

Fast forward to this week. First let me say the healing never ends, it's a process because life will always bring opportunities and challenges. I have worked through many issues with my throat chakra over the years and continue to do so. Last week I started to work with my throat chakra on a deeper level and what happens? Lightning strikes down so close to my house that it shook the house. It was pretty scary actually. The lightning strike took out my Wi-Fi router so I lost my internet service but I wasn't upset because I had my phone and I could use my data. Then my phone screen froze and wouldn't reset. Ok no problem, it's bedtime anyway. The next morning I bought a new phone and Wi-Fi router but the Wi-Fi router didn't solve the problem. So I called and set up a service call with the cable company. It's Friday, they can't come out until Monday. No problem. Saturday I decide well maybe I can just take a ride up to the cable store and swap out the router. Waited an hour, came home and that wasn't it either. So I kept my cable service appointment. I had no TV, No Internet but I did have my phone. What happened over the weekend was I noticed something about the events that were playing out. I didn't get upset at all, in fact I was looking for solutions. I noticed that even when something didn't work I didn't get upset, I just searched for another solution. This was very interesting to observe because for the past couple weeks before I had started to notice that doubt and fear were starting to arise within me. I started to get a bit caught up in fear and doubt about my life and career. Starting to doubt my capabilities to be honest but it took a lightning strike to show me just how capable I am and how when an obstacle shows up I searched for solutions rather than letting it get to me. I didn't lose my cool, I didn't doubt my capabilities and actually it showed me just how capable I am and that I know now, more than ever, I can handle anything life throws at me. You see, I learned Life isn't going to stop giving throwing you opportunities and obstacles just because you're on a healing path. What happens is you learn just how strong you are.

How do you handle the obstacles and challenges that come your way? If you struggle or have doubt in yourself I would love to schedule a Free 30 minute Discover Call to see how I can help you stand in your own power.

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With Love,

Tracey O'Connor

P.S. I did find my phone 3 years later!

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